Блог автора методики коррекции веса Нелли Кешишьян

понедельник, 18 мая 2015 г.

Academy Departments

* *2 *3
1 Basic (male and female department) "Learn yourself' program
2 Childhood obesity Weight loss program with foreign language lessons
3 Childhood obesity Weight loss program with drawing lessons
4 Pre-operative patients Preparing for a laparoscopy, endoprosthesis, oncologists, etc..
5 Post-operative patients  
6 Rehabilitation of athletes Correction of nutrition adapted to the training. Eating and drinking regime for trainers having multiple workouts per day.
7 Rehabilitation of ballet dancers Correction of nutrition, specific ballet dancers injuries
8 Preparing for pregnancy Losing weight before pregnancy
9 I, II, III trimesters of pregnancy Planned weight gain. Diet during pregnancy.
10 Postpartum recovery Nutrition during lactation. Weight loss after childbirth
11 Diabetes Child department
12 Diabetes Adult department
13 Rehabilitation of people with disabilities Stroke recovery. Correction of nutrition. Home care rehabilitation of disabled children
14 Menopause (postmenopause) Weight loss. Menopause.
15 Home restaurant Nutrition program for the whole family
16 Underweight Lean muscles gain
17 Voluntary department Free department for people with disabilities, the Orthodox monks, priests and their families.
18 Orthodox care service Orthodox nannies, sisters of charity
19 Orthodox refectory Orthodox cook
20 Affiliate program for doctors Employment in branches of our Academy
21 Affiliate program for trainers Employment in branches of our Academy
22 Affiliate program for students of the Academy Employment in branches of our Academy
23 Certification of interpretors to work in the "Learn yourself" program Simultaneous interpreting of lectures
24 International projects Training for nurses who work in Russian-speaking families living abroad

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