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My method of losing weight in English

The description of the method

The method of reduction and sustainable reduction of weight was developed and improved over 20 years. We analyzed a variety of techniques and methods of weight loss, taking into account all the positive and negative experiences and their results.

Emphasizing the most effective and safest elements, we developed a new technique based solely on the physiological approach, excluding surgery, pharmacotherapy, psychological impact, calorie counting, and any other strict diets.

Kenellya’s method is the following: a person in view of his age characteristics, psycho-emotional state, physical activity, food behavior, and of course, health, studies the behavior of its organism in different conditions, consuming various products as well as its combinations. This is a program in which everyone specifically examines himself and identifies individual intolerance.

The patient must come to an initial appointment to get into the program. At this appointment, which lasts 2 hours, we perform a comprehensive analysis:

1)Analysis of food behavior: how you eat, if you have big gaps in food intake, can you have them, if you drink fluids and which. What foods do you eat, etc?

2)Evaluation of health state. We investigate complaints: if you have pain syndromes, problems of the musculoskeletal system, spine problems, flat feet, heartburn, bowel problems, etc. In addition to a fixed list of medical procedures and tests (common blood test, biochemistry test, abdominal ultrasound, pelvic ultrasonography), which you should bring to the initial appointment, an additional number of tests can be ordered taking into account your complaints.

3)We make a detailed study of the psycho-emotional background: if you have children, when was the last birth, if you are in the process of divorce or preparing for marriage. Maybe you are experiencing a period of lactation or menopause. We determine your mode of life: if you are an owl or a lark, you are an insomniac, you are on maternity leave or have intensive work with regular business trips if you practice sport and how often, etc.

Given all these factors we will determine a safe rate of weight loss, will make an individual plan of weight loss and body shaping and will order a set of necessary procedures, treatments, and exercises.

After the initial appointment center workers sign you up in the waiting list of the School "Study Yourself." Passing this school, patients receive valuable practical knowledge and instructions. They learn what food is oxidized by an organism, which of it is alkalized; they find out about fast food saturation, meals taken by dancers and organic food snacks. They study and take exams concerning the right amount of food they should eat to exclude stomach overdistention and not to be hungry all the time. It helps to control food behavior in the evening. During exams, you should know what is the most suitable food for you, when the adrenaline, the noradrenaline, and the insulin are active. Some information for women: what you can eat during the period and after it and when the ovum matures. You should explain if we can eat in the evening, what kind of food is allowed if we can eat at night, how to stop the night overeating, what we should eat during business trips, acclimatization, periods of illness and stress (positive as well as negative), and other individual questions. Now you will know how to control your appetite, your emotions, and what is the most important way to keep the weight off.

After finishing school, the patient is guided by an individual leading physician from the appointed department of the center. Medical support is based on the approach of «One window»: you shouldn’t wait for the appointment of different specialists because your individual doctor will answer all of your questions. At the same time, you are led by the team of our specialists.

Our center contains the following departments:

Department of childhood obesity where we work not only with children but also with all people surrounding them: parents, relatives, teachers, coaches, etc. This program includes the improvement of eating habits, adaptive exercises and the improvement of the psycho-emotional background. These courses are taken by children as well as by their parents.
Department of preoperative and postoperative patients. This is for a patient who is waiting for joint replacement surgery when it’s necessary to make the laparoscopic operation and a person needs to lose weight to be admitted for surgery.
Rehabilitation department of athletes. It is not only for the improvement of food behavior for people practicing sport, it's also for the estimation of permissible sports and exercises, diet,  adaptive gymnastics complexes, taking into account the state of health (the spine, joints, internal organs).
Department for persons with disabilities. This includes adaptive gymnastics, massage, and training of people who care for disabled persons.
The diabetes department is divided into three sections: insulin-dependent, non- insulin-dependent and child diabetes.
Department of preparation for pregnancy (1,2, 3 trimesters)
 Department of postpartum recovery which includes 3 sections: the periods of lactation, post-lactation and post-partum depression.
Department of menopause and post-menopause, when the weight loss slows down due to changes in hormonal levels. Every woman loses weight under the strict control of a gynecologist because fat is a tissue depending on hormones.
Department of male obesity.
The department of body aesthetics, the main problem being addressed is of aging, the loose skin and the stretch marks on the skin. We offer an individual package of body aesthetics for every patient which includes thalassotherapy, lymphatic drainage, anti-cellulite, lifting procedures, metabolism stimulating techniques and detox treatments. So we develop a set of interconnected medical procedures that help not only to accelerate your weight loss but to make your skin and body aesthetically beautiful without being injurious to your health.

The department of visceral manipulation to assist a person experiencing weight loss. It takes internal visceral fat, the organs may spasm and sink, and therefore cause a number of diseases. This therapy department is intended to prevent this situation and to restore the function of internal organs.

The department of four hands massages uses the author’s unique four hands massage techniques well-adjusted to metabolic processes of the patient’s organism. These techniques serve to make more active metabolic processes and to accelerate the lymph outflow which facilitates weight loss considerably. The work of two therapists makes it possible to double the reflex zones and points and increases the positive effects of massage therapy. In addition, it makes a big neuro-sedative effect. All the massage therapists studying at our center are certified and take exams to be allowed to work with our clients.

The toning tables for rehabilitation allow the therapists to work with the local zones of the patient. They influence determined parts of the body that reduces the size without physical exercise. This kind of treatment is also recommended for persons who can’t do physical exercise. The toning tables make a  neuro-sedative effect.

So the work of the clinic is based on three interrelated pillars:

- Knowledge – skills and information training about the method of reduction of weight; managing emotions, diet, and appetite.

-  Beauty is a powerful base of body aesthetics; taking care of your face and body by means of four hands massages, specifically developed for maximum effect, helps you to avoid the loose skin and the stretch marks on it, keeping it fit and elastic.

- The therapy department is intended to prevent visceroptosis during weight loss and examine your diseases.

The clinic works with foreign patients, which can pass the program in our clinic or remotely. The technique allows our therapists to operate and monitor patients by remote access through close electronic communication (e-mail, skype, phone, SMS). This experience has been practiced for many years with patients all over the world - the U.S., France,Germany, Russia, Poland, and many others.

The massage school – we offer the study of various massage techniques that you can use in your professional activity, and at home for your family.

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